Me and...JT

Tonight, I opened for James Taylor.

Well, I played in the lounge located behind the stage, but all that separated our two concerts was a curtain. Close enough for me.

I played to a packed room and happy attendees, singing along and drinking Stella Artois. I played for an hour and a half. As my last song ended, I heard and saw the crowd rise to greet Mr. Taylor.

Sometimes being an independent musician sucks and it’s hard work. People ignore you and you don’t make enough money to do it while supporting your family. It can be frustrating.

Seeing James as he started right in (with Steve Gadd on drums btw) with “Carolina On My Mind” somehow made realize how amazing and heartbreaking playing music can be.

Tonight, I’m positive. Tonight is happy. The long drives, late nights, sore throats, irrational drunk people are worth it.

Good things are on the horizon.

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