Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is an artist from Great Britain. His work focuses on utilizing the elements of nature to create innovative works which challenge our perceptions of the volatile and ever-changing beauty of nature. He describes his initial process:

“I take the opportunities each day offers:
if it is snowing, I work with snow, at leaf-fall it will be with leaves;
a blown-over tree becomes a source of twigs and branches.
I stop at a place or pick up a material because I feel that there is something to be discovered.
Here is where I can learn.” 

It’s also incredible when the observer realizes that he’s created this piece with leaves. One can only imagine the amount of time and patience required to collect the materials for this work, not to mention organizing them to flow together.

Since I possess no talent in regards to painting, drawing, sculpting, etc., I’m always fascinated by those that do. As I grow older, I recognize the precious time that is disappearing every day and that I should embrace the present; I should also be prepared to let go of the present to prepare for the future. That’s the message I gleaned from Goldworthy’s work. He creates pieces that may disappear in a matter of minutes (blown away by a windy day, washed away by a rising creek or ocean wave), but it moves the observer to appreciate the temporary beauty of his work and the natural world that provides him his canvas and medium. 

Check out his work here:
Andy Goldsworthy

Here's another dedicated to his work:

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