It's all in the family

   I caught a few minutes of an interview with Francis Ford Coppola at a film festival.  During the Q&A portion of the interview, a young audience member asked Coppola what kind of advice he could give to an aspiring filmmaker.  He said, and as usual I’m paraphrasing this horribly, “If you’re a man, get married.”  He goes on to explain his advice, saying that he loved raising his kids and that they kept him grounded and focused on his work; held him accountable in his productivity. 

   As a creative individual, one could easily look at his or her family as a roadblock to creative independence and artistic output.  But Coppola discovered that supporting a family and having them support him, inevitably bolstered the quality of his art and motivated him to continue his work.

   It’s refreshing to hear this from someone in an industry such as film.  So often we view the family of a brilliant, creative mind as a distraction from their work.  But when we’re surrounded by those we love and love us, we can’t help but create beautiful art and in the end become better, well rounded people.  

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