Where's my iron?

As iron sharpens iron,
 so a friend sharpens a friend.
 Proverbs 27:17
I have trouble taking criticism.  I'm sure I'm not alone.

But the past few years have brought me to realize something (maybe because I'm growing older or I'm just making more mistakes resulting in criticism).  Criticism, when given and received respectively and properly, can be a remarkable catalyst for personal growth and change.  And the word 'change' doesn't imply that we need to become a different person or alter our personality.  No, it means we fine tune...we evolve...we become stronger and more effective in our purpose.

Our society is extremely individualistic.  We are consumed with ourselves.   As a result ,often times we fail to take a good look at our actions and words through the lens of a respected friend or loved one.  We think we have all the answers.  

God didn't intend for us to do this life thing alone, because He knows we can't.  We need accountability and an occasional kick in the tail to keep us on the right track.   

Within the church walls, some may argue that to change would mean to degrade spiritual integrity or abandon sacred tradition, but this couldn't be farther from the truth.  Healthy faith examines and evolves--repeatedly-- all the while staying true to core beliefs and essential liturgical practices.  This can only be done when the brick walls of stubbornness and fear of change, are taken down.

My iron soul could sure use some sharpening.  How about yours?  


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