Once A Boy: A Closed Window, Open Eyes

My brother and I shared a room in the first house known to me as ‘home’.  It was a medium sized room with pale white paint covering the walls.  Our bunk beds sat in the middle of the room; my… Read more

Once A Boy: The Fifth Inning

When I was a boy, I lived and breathed baseball.  I watched it, collected and traded cards and chewed the rock hard gum included in the card packages and cherished it because it was ‘baseball gum’, played pick up games… Read more

Dying with dignity 

​There have been numerous people praising Brittany Maynard for her strength during her battle with cancer and subsequent suicide.  Brittany chose to end her life before the cancer in her body incapacitated her so that she could no

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Farewell, my birds, farewell, adieu

"You had a Dame that lov'd you well,
That did what could be done for young
And nurst you up till you were strong
And 'fore she once would let you fly
She show'd you joy and misery,
Taught what… Read more

Where's my iron?

As iron sharpens iron,
 so a friend sharpens a friend.
 Proverbs 27:17
I have trouble taking criticism.  I'm sure I'm not alone.

But the past few years have brought me to realize something (maybe because I'm growing older or I'm… Read more

"Three Priests" (poem)

Three priests in a Prius
traveling the New England coast
fresh from taking confessions
and sharing the Holy Host

The driver, markedly older
conveyed a certain misery
while listening to his passenger
relay his personal history

The backseat holds the… Read more

Is Jesus your boyfriend?! Wha?!

   I began adding a steady stream of Christian artists and musicians to my music collection about 15 years ago.  I enjoy the message as well as the level of musicianship of many Christian artists currently performing and recording.  Christian music… Read more

Not just a broadcaster...

During the first year of our dating relationship, my wife and I would sit outside a local coffee shop in her car and talk and stare at each other and talk some more.  We began this little weekly tradition late… Read more

It's all in the family

   I caught a few minutes of an interview with Francis Ford Coppola at a film festival.  During the Q&A portion of the interview, a young audience member asked Coppola what kind of advice he could give to an aspiring filmmaker… Read more

Hand farts!

One of the things I love to do in life is laugh until I cry.  This guy gets me everytime.

Fred Rogers

Please do yourself a favor and click on the link to the video of an interview between Charlie Rose and Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers).  Very few people in the media can sum up being a Christian in so few… Read more

Happy ThankChristgivingmas

   Well I turned on the radio the other night (keep in mind that was Nov. 12) and came upon a station that has officially switched over to an "all Christmas-all the time" playlist until Dec. 26th. When I get to… Read more